Timothy J. Senior (CV)

I am an artist and scholar based at the University of Bristol, working on developing new approaches to the creation of cross-disciplinary inquiry bridging the arts, sciences and humanities. Building on my doctoral work in neuroscience I am pursuing how traditional forms of disciplinary activity might be opened up to new collaborative influences, a process of creatively challenging disciplinary values, methodologies and products to create innovative lines of shared inquiry. My work has three core focal points: the continued development of my own artistic practice exploring issues around the biological, cultural and collective nature of memory; the development of a variety of cross-disciplinary research agendas within the arts, sciences and humanities (such as the digital humanities, social neuroscience and performance-as-research); fostering the engagement of diverse audiences with issues around disciplinarity. This has included developing and hosting cross-disciplinary events, devising a number of original cross-disciplinary undergraduate courses, and presenting my work in both academic, artistic and public domains.

Contact: timothy.joseph.senior[at]gmail.com