Apparatus of Sleep

To reflect on sleep with any clarity at all, we must be awake. In sleep, conscious intention, action and awareness disappears; sleep always escapes the observation of the sleeper. Apparatus of Sleep is a long-standing investigation into the use of mental imagery – topographic, autobiographical and narrative – to counter episodes of restlessness prior to sleep. The anxiety of insomnia and the mechanisms invoked to counter them become spatially and temporally apparent in these imagery-based strategies. What is captured in the project is not the strategy per se, but the moments of their unfolding at the transition between waking and sleep, as remembered the next day. As such, they reflect the creeping uncertainties that emerge between a mechanistic strategy aimed at controlling sleep and the moment at which control over its implementation begins to slip away. Faced with sleep, the strategy itself becomes transformed.



  • Apparatus of Sleep (2014, Date tbc) – Upstairs Gallery, Oldenburg.